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    Competitive prices, high quality products and personalized service make Formothane company a Quebec and Canadian reference in the specialized area of polymer and plastic machining since 1974.

    Granules de plastiques
  • OUR products

    We manufacture, shape, and reshape plastic and polymer parts, for trademarks and models used in many industrial sectors.

  • Some of OUR PRODUCTS

    Formothane proposes a complete solution of industrial parts including roller guide, replacement part, conveyor scraper, chute lining and any other component made with plastic, polymer, UHMW, nylon, phenolic, polyurethane, etc.

  • Environmental CONCERN

    Formothane ensures a quality work in compliance with the safety standards and with a constant concern for the environment.

    bouteille de plastique

    Formothane is also very proud to be involved in designing and machining of a range of specialized and custom-made fabricated plastic or polymer products. Do not hesitate to contact us.

    Composantes polymères

    A unique and foreward-thinking expertise in design, fabrication and distribution of precision components made with various plastic materials in Quebec.

    Composantes industrielles
  • OUR quarantee

    Each part are fabricated in accordance with high standards and total quality, in addition to ensure to customer VERSATILITY & DURABILITY.


    Materials that deserve to be known. For wide range of applications, they can be lightweight and dielectric, chemicals and abrasion resistant, include low moisture absorption, low density, rigidity, heat-stability or self-lubricating. All those properties allow flexibility, precision and creativity in parts design.

  • Continuous improvement

    We can help you prolong the service life of mechanical parts using the best polymers, those that meet exactly your specifications and needs.

    produits formothane

    We fabricate roller guide that provide an excellent balance between quality and cost. They are durable, non-adhesive as well as having an excellent coefficient of friction, and the balls used in their fabrication are of best quality.

    rouleaux guide
3D printing service
Polymer sheet

Quality Standards


Cognibox is one of the world leader in management of suppliers qualification helping you to reduce risk as well as improving your performances in health and safety and the environment. Formothane is a member of this organization, which ensures “donneur d’ordres” (management) that all employees working in their facilities have the necessary/appropriate training.

ISO 9000

We are in the process to be accredited to ISO 9000 standard. Quality is very important to us. For this reason, we have a comprehensive system and each part has a unique classification and history available at any time to our customers.

Formothane has a team including sales representative, project manager, designer, programmer and machinist, contributing to maintain a high-quality standards in production of your parts.


Featured Products


  • Made specifically for the conveyors.


  • Chute lining with polyethylene UHMW, simple and less expensive.


  • Cold moulded to provide durability and versatility


  • Fabrication of phenolic parts provide many benefits, including antioxidant properties.

Rouleaux guides et pièces sur mesure


CIV-Barsatech specializes in the repair and/or refurbishment of industrial pumps and valves, as well as the sales of mechanical and high temperature products.

In addition, CIV-Barsatech offers a line of high temperatures products for the aluminum industry. CIV-Barsatech has a large inventory of products to meet your needs and offers you a personalized service.