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Why choosing Formothane? How Formothane could help you to save money in repair and maintenance of your industrial parts and how much money would you save?





How to reduce the energy costs of industrial machinery?

By using plastic in specific components, we can decrease the power consumption (kW/h) of engines.

What Formothane proposes about solutions and product/equipment designs?

The use of the plastic is not prevalent in the design, repair and maintenance of industrial machinery. However, plastics and polymers are a cost-effective solution thanks to their properties as well as their versatility and durability.

What is the best way to find solutions for the maintenance and reliability of machinery?

When Formothane provides an effective machine solution, reliability increases. Plastic and composite materials used in the fabrication or replacement of parts provide many benefits including lightweight, strength, stiffness, thermostability, self-lubricating and low friction.

How to decrease downtime due to maintenance of equipment?

Using plastic materials on some equipment will decrease downtime because it takes less time to change a plastic component than one made of steel.

Are necessary checks should be conducted to ensure the performance of the equipment?

All necessary checks should be conducted to ensure the good performance of the equipment.

Is Formothane modifies OEM parts and within what timeframe?

Today everything is global, but when it comes the time to order parts that come from overseas, the delivery times are often very long. Formothane manufactures custom-made parts within reasonable deadlines when planning downtimes.

How Formothane ensures the effectiveness of the supply chain?

    •Because we developed strong relationships with our suppliers, we are able to deliver your products efficiently and on time.
    •Our latest technology equipment make us enable to produce quickly and very accurately any type of parts.

How do you standardize parts and reduce the inventory levels?

By standardizing machinery parts, you will reduce your inventory. Using plastic parts will help to reduce maintenance, repair and downtime, which means fewer parts.

How Formothane could prolong the service life of products and equipment?

The new plastic grades improve and increase the service life of products, performing better than steel, bronze and many other metals.

How Formothane could improves the products and equipment performance?

reducing downtime, performance automatically increases. 1 + 1 = 2.

Formothane is among the first Quebec companies to use a wide range of plastic materials for the design, fabrication and distribution of precision components.
Expert since 1974, Formothane aims to improve industrial processes of Canadian and international businesses by the use of various plastics and composites.